The Last Viking Returns

Launch Party of Knut’s Blog


So, it’s the official launch of The Last Viking Blog, and boy, are we having a great old time celebrating here at Valhalla Central. It’s as cold as a Valkyrie’s heart, the mead should be flowing like rivers of… er… mead, but has somehow been turned into coffee, I hate pickled herring, traditional Viking fare, so didn’t buy any, and I’m not sure that party games like Pin the Tail on the Illustrator  are really that hilarious when you use real pins. That’s if the illustrator in question, James “I’m so artistic” Foley hadn’t run off to Melbourne to see the Tim Burton exhibition.  He just phoned me from the airport to tell me what I’m missing. What a hero, eh? The only saving grace is that it’s 4C colder in Melbourne today than it is in Perth. Brrrrr.  I hope he gets frost bite.

So, at the wild launch party we’ve having at this very moment in Viking history, there’s me and there’s … well, there’s actually only me. Jan, my wife, has gone shopping for some new boots, James is in Melbourne, Cate,  our publisher, is on long-service leave in Paris, and Claire, our publicity controller, is hard at work in Fremantle doing whatever publicity pixies do all day.

“Speech! Speech!” I hear no-one cry.

“Okay, if you insist.  Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, it gives me great pleasure to officially welcome you all to Knut’s Blog, and to launch him onto an unsuspecting public. May he set out on great adventures and discover America, especially Hollywood and Pixar,  or anywhere else where they want to make him into a movie and pay us huge royalties.”

Hurrah!!! Applause Applause Applause  Applause  Applause  Applause  Applause  Applause


Author: normanjorgensen

I'm an Australian writer of books for kids and teenagers. I like traveling and seeing the world, especially through the the lens of my camera. I'm addicted to old movies, red wine and books and decent music.

10 thoughts on “Launch Party of Knut’s Blog

  1. Happy launch day, little Knut (and big Norman and “I’m so artistic” Foley). May the wind be at your back.

  2. hehe you guys are silly 🙂 Am looking forward to watching your progress and drawing inspiration* from you.

    *designer code for stealing ideas

  3. We were there with you in spirit – schnapps to be precise!!

  4. What a great idea it has been to blog the progress of this book, and let us into some of your ‘secrets’.

  5. Hurrah for Knut – I love him already!!

  6. Oh, virtual launch, very modish. >><< That's me clapping along with the applause…

  7. Eric the Red would be proud. Good Luck to Knut, and to you too James!.

  8. Hi Marg,
    What a lovely surprise to hear from you. It’s been a good few years. I hope the Norse Gods have been looking after you and Brian.

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