The Last Viking Returns

Odin is watching, and don’t you doubt it.


If ever I doubted that Odin and his magical ravens might not be watching over me, then this morning I was reminded, big time, that he really is up there in Asgard having fun and tweaking with our lives.

Back in May our house was broken into and burgled and the perp stole loads of our stuff, including my wife’s jewellery. Most noticeably, though, he also stole three Viking daggers that I had collected over the years, including a bronze one decorated on the handle by a figure of Odin. It was a special connection with my long distant ancestors.

This week we had a call from the police and learnt that a patrolman pulled a car over for a licence check and the driver became strangely agitated. When the cop investigated further and looked in the car window he saw on the seat a dagger. Suddenly, this went from being a traffic incident to a full scale Police event. Unlike in 850AD, you are not supposed to go about armed with daggers, or any sort of weapon, come to that, so the driver was hauled in to explain himself. And surprisingly, he couldn’t make the police believe him.

It turns out the dagger was my special one with the Odin decorated handle, and, because of that clue the cops were able to recover all my Viking artefacts and most of the items we had stolen. So WA Police, with Odin’s help, well done!  I thank you.

That sudden and unexpected thunderstorm on Wednesday (Woden or Odin’s day, as it was originally called) last week could have only been the Gods up in Asgard celebrating that they still do have influence down here among us mere mortals.

So, bad guy, when you are away on your long “holiday” take a moment to consider  that you never know who is looking down on you and controlling your destiny.  It could very well be an ancient Norse God, one of the Gods who are sometimes dismissed as just a pagan myth. And also, hope like hell that while you are inside you manage to pass unnoticed by Freyja (or Frigg), the Norse God of love.  She is known to have a truly wicked sense of humour.

Author: normanjorgensen

I'm an Australian writer of books for kids and teenagers. I like traveling and seeing the world, especially through the the lens of my camera. I'm addicted to old movies, red wine and books and decent music.

4 thoughts on “Odin is watching, and don’t you doubt it.

  1. Perhaps it was Woden they pulled over. He wanted his dagger back. You might want to check the police report and see if it was a Wednesday.

    • Woden in a beat up Ford Falcon? He’d be riding in a Thunderbird at the very last. Or perhaps a Volvo? :-)N

      • No way would he be driving such transportation. He rides the great 8 legged horse Sleipnir, son of fire and galloper of the nine realms. So at very least if he were to drive mortal methods it would be a silver mustang.

  2. Of course VikingLad, a Mustang it would have to be. I can see it now bursting into our world from out of the clouds in a storm of fire and brimstone, all the 8 roaring in perfect unison, with Wodan at the wheel driving like Steve McQueen in Bullit.

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