The Last Viking Returns

Sketching a scene


Norm, Cate and I met up a few weeks ago to discuss the scene where Josh meets the bullies. We needed a new approach to the scene,  as the old way wasn’t working.

We sat in a cafe and threw some ideas around; in the end, we’d come up with this.

new bullies scene ideas

Doesn’t look like much, I’m sure- let me zoom in a bit…new bullies scene first thumbnails

The idea was to have a number of tall panels with a continuous background, and different scenes playing out at different times.

Here’s my rough sketch, where I’m working out the body language and facial expressions of the characters.

new bullies scene gestural roughI scanned it in and cleaned it up- here’s the panel on the far left after a bit of editing:

new bullies scene cleaned up rough

…then I used the rough as the basis for a cleaner pencil sketch.

new bullies scene linesI’ve just started colouring this scene- the sky will be overcast, which could make the lighting tricky. I’ve found some good reference photos though, so I’ll use those as a guide and get onto it.


Author: James Foley

James makes books for courageous kids. His books include 'The Amity Kids Adventures', 'In The Lion', 'The Last Viking'. A couple of these books have won awards. People have also bought copies, and for that he is grateful. His new book 'The Last Viking Returns' is out now. Follow James at , @James_R_Foley on twitter and instagram or at

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