The Last Viking Returns

Viking School for Young Ladies and Gentlemen

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Viking School.

Deep in the fiords of Rivervale in suburban Perth exists the little known and highly secretive Tranby Viking School. From when they are first born, young boys and girls are specially chosen from across the nine worlds by the Norse Gods to attend Viking School. Here, surrounded by unsuspecting normal families in unsuspecting normal homes, under the keen watchful eyes of their Viking guardians, the Viking-ettes learn the ancient and mystical arts of being a true-blooded Viking.  Sword fighting , axe throwing, Longship building, yelling loudly and generally  being ferocious, along with Runes reading and how to discover America are all part of Viking School curriculum.

From Monday to Thorsday the young Vikings  dress in uniforms the colour of blood, they don horned helmets and fierce expressions and generally scare the living daylights out of anyone who is unfortunate to see them.

Freyasday, however, is special at Viking School and on that day the little Vikings are allowed to go wild and eat as much chocolate as they want, drink gallons of red cordial, and behave like sugar-crazed berserkers.  In this photo taken by Heather Zubek, you can see the little berserkers on their way from the red cordial tanker that has just called at Viking School. Ahhhhh!

Here’s some more photos and stories from our visit to Tranby Viking School:

The West online – Vikings triumph in battle of bullies

WA Department of Education Ed-e-News – Vikings takeover Tranby Primary School


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One thought on “Viking School for Young Ladies and Gentlemen

  1. I love it!
    The young Vikings & I really enjoyed your visit.

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