The Last Viking Returns

James the Hirsute, Viking explorer


It’s been a hectic July promoting The Last Viking.

On July 16 and 17 I was in Balingup for the Children’s Literature Festival, with talented WA creators Meg McKinlay, Deb Fitzpatrick, David Caddy and Elaine Forrestal

…the next weekend saw Norman and I visiting Albany’s Singing Tree bookshop to teach children how to roar like Thor…

…and the weekend after that I was in sunny Kununurra for the Kimberley Writers’ Festival, with fellow Fremantle Press authors Alan Carter and AJ Betts.

Thanks to all those teams that put the events together- Helen and the ladies in Balingup (who aren’t booksellers or librarians, just committed and passionate members of the community- amazing people)… Dianne Wolfer, Andreas and co in Albany (thanks for your generosity and hospitality, and the mulled wine)… and the marvelous Jo and her team of maniacally energetic librarians and volunteers up north (who work 11 months of the year to put the Kimberley Writers’ Festival together- on top of their normal duties. Amazing amazing amazing).

Here’s a few pics from the travels…


The Balingup town hall, main site of the children's literature festival- 8.30am, before the mist has risen


A soldier guarding Balingup town hall- stirling chap


Me with the paddle-pop lion

me and AJ Betts

AJ Betts and myself replacing a flat tyre at El Questro, East Kimberley

Wyndham Kununurra turnoff

The end of the Gibb River Rd and the turnoff to Kununurra- where we had our third flat tyre of the day (pic: AJ Betts)


Author: James Foley

James makes books for courageous kids. His books include 'The Amity Kids Adventures', 'In The Lion', 'The Last Viking'. A couple of these books have won awards. People have also bought copies, and for that he is grateful. His new book 'The Last Viking Returns' is out now. Follow James at , @James_R_Foley on twitter and instagram or at

3 thoughts on “James the Hirsute, Viking explorer

  1. Was brilliant to meet you James (and little Knutt!), hope you enjoyed the Kimberleys šŸ™‚

    • Hey Nathalie, great to meet you too. Loved the Kimberleys, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, and the festival was a lot of fun. Hope your writing is going well… as some writer buddies say, the secret to writing is simple- “you just finish the damn book”.

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