The Last Viking Returns

The Last Beserker?

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I was just send this fabulous photo of Toby by his proud grandmother, Margaret Eaton. Toby is the five year old son of multi-award winning author of stacks of great novels, Tony Eaton, and his lovely wife Imogin. Margaret  is a curator at  the Fremantle Literature Centre who have been fabulous supporters of me from when my first book was launched there twenty years ago, and of James and I and The Last Viking from way before the day it was launched at the centre during the wildest storm anyone can remember. James is even away in the Kimberley region at this very moment  on a Literature Centre sponsored  tour of schools in remote areas.

Below is Margaret’s charming note that came with photo.

Hi Norm,

 Thought you would like to meet the latest Viking to join the band. It is our grandson Toby, Tony and Imogen’s wee one. He has the book read to him each night and he made this great costume with mummy over the weekend. Tony’s contribution was the head wear! He does not seem fussed that it was Wolverine and not Josh thus attired, I shall let him wear the real deal when he visits later this year. He is very proud of the fact that the shield says ‘Toby’  in Viking.

Roll on the sequel!


And as for the sequel that Margaret mentions,  let me tell you, IT LOOKS FABULOUS. All the sketches are in place, and even the words have got past our eagle-eyed editor, Cate Sutherland, without too much slashing and burning.  James has let his imagination really rip and has come up with some stunning images, and I can hardly wait to see it in its full glory. Onward to Viking World.



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