The Last Viking Returns

Character designs – Wolverine and the lady dog

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Between now and the launch of The Last Viking Returns (Sept 1st, 2014), I’m doing a series of posts showing my rough sketches for all the characters in the book.

Next up in the family is Wolverine, Josh’s faithful companion.


As with the character of Josh, I’d already illustrated a whole book with Wolverine before, but I hadn’t drawn him very much at all in the 3 year gap in between. I needed to practice drawing him again.

I also had to design a new character- a female version of Wolverine, who doesn’t have an official name in the book.

In my notes I called her Wilhemina.

What do you think she should be called?

nameless dog

I made a standard colour version of each character too, so that I could keep their colours consistent. Here’s the colour sheet for Wolverine and his nameless female companion (mostly white, but the shading tone is important!):

Wolverine and Nameless

Next week we’ve got a big reveal- we can finally show you the cover for The Last Viking Returns!

Hooray! But it won’t just be the cover; it will be a timelapse, showing you the design process from the first sketch to the last drop of final colour.


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Author: James Foley

James makes books for courageous kids. His books include 'The Amity Kids Adventures', 'In The Lion', 'The Last Viking'. A couple of these books have won awards. People have also bought copies, and for that he is grateful. His new book 'The Last Viking Returns' is out now. Follow James at , @James_R_Foley on twitter and instagram or at

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