The Last Viking Returns

Toys for the Book Launch

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The Last Viking Returns is being launched at the State Library of WA on September 10th, and you are invited to dress up, bring along your little Viklings  and help us celebrate.

We are delighted that Mrs Tonya McCusker,  wife of the recently retired State governor, has agreed to be the official launcher. Since we’ll be indoors surrounded by books and computers rather than at the edge of a Norwegian fiord, she won’t actually be smashing a bottle of champagne (or mead)  across its bow as if it were a longship but it will still be a very exciting event.

In TLV II, as we’ve been calling it, Knut tries a Test Your Strength machine at Viking World, setting off a catastrophic event that is revealed at the end, resulting in him being hailed as a hero, again.  What a surprise I hear you cry.

Jan, my beloved, thought it could be a great idea if we had such a machine at the launch, so I tried Google to locate one. The only one I did find to hire was 6 metres tall, far higher then the library ceiling, but not one to give in too easily, I decided to try and make one.

Back to Google to find some plans, but would you believe that the only descent description I could find was in a 1933 copy of Popular Mechanics magazine. I had to smile as we had old copies of this magazine around the house when I was a kid in the 1960s. I wasted hours trawling through these pages. Fascinating stuff and a real insight into the thinking and advertising of Great Depression USA.xlg_high_striker













Next it was off to Bunnings Hardware for sheets of MDF chipboard, paint, screws, glue and other stuff I didn’t really need but couldn’t resist.  That took a very long time because the place is such a distraction, and I had to check out every aisle, of course.

IMG_8267I just noticed the coffee cup in centre-stage is a promo for AJ Bett’s  fabulous, award-winning book, Zac and Mia.








Every blog  needs a picture of packets of screws, and my long-serving electric drill.









Could the photos get any more exciting if I tried?




















Houston, we have Lift Off, as you might say if you are my age and grew up with the Space Race, Astronauts and Thunderbirds Are Go! All these years later and I still talk like Virgil Tracey.




















And doesn’t this look like a demented, mad scientist up to his sinister, fiendish schemes, if ever you’ve seen one.  “Igor, it’s alive! It’s alive!”

I’ll keep posting the photos of the construction until the striker is finished, or until the damn thing ends up in a rubbish skip because it won’t actually strike, or falls apart, both not unlikely events. 🙂




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