The Last Viking Returns


Teacher’s Notes

Each set of teachers’ notes includes the handouts available further below.


Book trailers


Painting a page from The Last Viking Returns.

Painting the cover from The Last Viking Returns.

colouring-sheet_The-Last-Viking-Returns-cover Colouring sheet – The Last Viking Returns, front cover (pdf, 379kb)[/caption]

Colouring sheet – The Last Viking Returns, title page (pdf, 254kb)


Colouring sheet – The Last Viking Returns, Viking World entrance (pdf, 420kb)


Colouring sheet – The Last Viking Returns, Fafnir the dragon (pdf, 481kb)


Colouring sheet – The Last Viking Returns, viking world map (pdf, 511kb)


Activity Sheet – Viking World vouchers (pdf, 315kb)

Hand-outs for The Last Viking

You are welcome to print these hand-outs for educational, non-commercial use in your home, school or library.

Click an image to open it.


Colouring-in: The Last Viking cover (pdf, 655KB)


Colouring-in: Title page (pdf, 430KB)


Colouring-in: Becoming a Viking (pdf, 606KB)


Colouring-in: Odin and Thor (pdf, 655KB)


Colouring-in: Keep Rowing Men (pdf, 606KB)


Colouring-in: Preparing for Battle (pdf, 655KB)


Handout- How to Read Runes (pdf, 315KB)


Activity- Rune Puzzles 1 (pdf, 400KB)

rune puzzles 1 solution – click to download (pdf, 425KB)


Activity- Rune Puzzle 2 (pdf, 335KB)

rune puzzle 2 solution – click to download (pdf, 385KB)

Useful websites

James Foley’s website

Norman Jorgensen’s website

The British Museum – Vikings, Life and Legend – this fantastic exhibition was shown at the museum earlier in 2014, and you can still see exhibited items on the website. There are classroom resources available in the ‘Schools‘ section.

UK National Maritime Museum- Viking classroom resources – Great selection of handouts. on everything from longships and trade routes to Viking dress and clothing dyes. Colouring-in sheets too. Very handy.

Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, Denmark – To read the Teacher’s Guide, click on ‘Education’ up the top, then ‘To The Teacher’ on the left.
The website features many printable activities related to navigation, ships, and Norse life in general- but the recommended age for most activities is 10 years and up.

Norse Proverbs – A list of sayings that ancient Vikings may have used. Boys in particular will love these. There’s quite a few grisly ones.

Papercraft Viking Longship – Make your own longship from paper. Download the pdf, print out onto card, cut out the pieces, and assemble according to the instructions. Easy. Free resource from Canon, the camera and printer company.

Write your name in Runes – Translate words into runes automatically using this free resource. We adapted the translation on this website for the borders in The Last Viking.
When you type letters into the website, you will have to substitute every C for a K. It won’t let you translate C for some reason- who knows why.
The website automatically substitutes a few letters for other letters: K instead of Q, Y instead of J, U instead of V, and CS instead of X.
Plus it has an extra rune we didn’t use, which translates to the letter combination EL.

21 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Totally brilliant guys! Best of viking bravery for a fabulous and triumphant launch!

  2. Hello Lisa,

    it was definitely not the intention of anyone associated with this blog to promote an offensive, racist site. We were unaware of the full nature of the metapedia site, having only visited the one page that listed the Norse proverbs. The link has now been deleted from this page. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  3. Congratulations on the shortlisting of your beautiful book! Thank you so much for the wonderful images and resource links. The pdfs on boats and voyages are fabulous!
    Thank you!

  4. We are from Thirroul PS and have just read ‘The last Viking’. We thought it was awesome. We have cracked the code on the front cover and are now working on the others! Thanks Norman & James!
    From Mrs McGuinness and 4B

    • Hello Mrs McGuinness and 4B Viklings,

      glad you enjoyed it and had fun with the rune messages. The message on the front cover comes from a very famous warrior called Nelson Mandela, who has the brave heart of a Viking.

      Thanks for emailing,


  5. Hi Norman,
    2G really enjoyed The Last Viking and have a question. Is your last name a Viking name?
    We are already looking forward to reading ‘The Lost Vikings!

    All the best for Book Week,
    from 2G

  6. Congratulations, I liker very much, interesting an fabulous resources and illustrations. Kind regards from Spain

  7. Hey there are using WordPress for your blog platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and create
    my own. Do you require any coding knowledge to make your own blog?
    Any help would be really appreciated!

    • Hey there. Yes, we’re using; free, and no coding required!

      Though I understand that if you are using, it’s different- you’ll need a separate server to house the blog, and you’ll need coding knowledge.

      Check out the help and support section of for more details.

  8. I’m going to be doing a series of 25 minute workshops for 7 year-olds, and I’ll definitely be using a couple of your sheets! Thank you so much for the wonderful resources!

  9. Will be using a few items for the Viking Breakfast at the Swedish American Museum in Chicago! Thank you!

  10. Hey James, I saw your presentation at my school yesterday. Wish u luck.

  11. wonderful inspiration for class to consider and ponder!

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