The Last Viking Returns

“Can we ransack the library now?”


Wythe and Quinn Anderson, sons of Special Collections Librarian, Jamie Nelson, who works at the 150 year old  Augustana College in Illinois, USA.    Jamie knitted their Viking hats especially for Homecoming, and if you have a watched enough American teen movies you will probably know what that is. I’m still not sure.

Augustana College was founded by Swedish immigrants to Illinois, which just about excuses Jamie for dressing the boys like this, and probably scarring them for life. But only just.

Thanks for allowing us to use the photo Jamie. We won’t tell the Child Welfare Department where you live.


Author: normanjorgensen

I'm an Australian writer of books for kids and teenagers. I like traveling and seeing the world, especially through the the lens of my camera. I'm addicted to old movies, red wine and books and decent music.

6 thoughts on ““Can we ransack the library now?”

  1. I want one……..being of Viking stock myself!

    • Yes, Kris, I can just imagine you looking all stylish, dressed in your slinky little black number and 6 inch Jimmy Choos, at a book launch, and wearing a blue and yellow knitted Viking hat. xN

  2. Norman, at American schools, the thought is that so much of your time is spent at school, it becomes a second home. Hence, Homecoming weekends are an opportunity for alumni to return to their schools.
    Also, I work with Jamie at Augustana. I have to say that the photo doesn’t do justice to how cute these kids actually are – with or without Viking hats!

  3. Hi Christine,

    Thank you so much. You have suddenly made it all clear after all these years. I first came across Homecoming while watching Andy Hardy movies with Mickey Rooney from back in the 1930s. And why did / do they call it Commencement, when it seems to be about graduation and leaving school? Commencing life I suppose?

    I agree with you about the Anderson kids being ultra-cute. Everyone here is going all clucky over them and we’ve had several offers for the hats, as long as the kids are included in the deal.

    I bet the kids will hate the photo at their 21st birthday slide-show though.

    With regards, Norman.

  4. Vicious. Merciless. Godless. They look prepared to raid and pillage. I thought I knew these boys, but I obviously mistook them for innocent, sweet little children. I’m safe here in northeast Iowa, though. Surely they won’t make a trip up the Mississippi River and the Upper Iowa River to wreak havoc on Decorah. Oh my gosh — what am I saying? They were just here, disguised as the Anderson imps! Great fun and lauds to Jamie for the hats. I wonder if she could knit a new car and a new computer for me.

  5. Bill, I could do with an knitted Ferrari, please. The Toyota is starting to unravel. :-)N

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